Core Design has been providing custom designed sand control and down hole tool solutions since 1995. Our unique patents and innovative designs have given us a proven track record as a reliable solution provider. Our in-house manufacturing and strong focus on efficiency enables us to provide fast turnarounds for your project from design to delivery.


Our STUFF has been installed in the most challenging heavy oil fields in Canada. Our thermal designs have out performed other conventional thermal solutions. We are proud to be an eco-friendly company that boasts innovative solutions that not only increase oil production, but reduce the environmental impact of that production.


Our unique designs in thermal recovery have enabled our customers to maximize the life expectancies of their wells.


The foundation of our cost efficiency comes from our in-house engineering, design, testing and manufacturing departments. This in turn allows you to save significant capital costs in both accuracy and time.

Custom Design

We can customize our tools to fit the exact specifications of your project and supply specific testing for our custom tools. Our engineering services can provide computer modeling and finite elemental analysis (FEA).

Health, Safety and Environment

At Core Design Ltd. we believe that healthy employees help to create a healthy business. Greater health, safety and wellness lead to improved job satisfaction and morale, which contribute to a more effective business. In this competitive business environment, we feel it is important to attract and hold on to our best people who are truly our greatest asset. This means being committed to sustaining a healthy, safe and supportive work environment in accordance with our company program, OH&S legislative requirements, industry standards and best practices. Employees at all levels participate in developing, implementing and reviewing policies, procedures and actions related to the health of the workplace and program at Core Design to enhance employee health, safety and wellbeing at our workplace. Together, we strive to achieve our goal of a healthy, sustainable work environment.