Flow Control Devices

Inflow Devices (ICD)  – An ICD is a device that is used downhole to control the flow rates of production fluids into a SAGD well bore.

Outflow Devices (OCD)  – An OCD is a device used to control the flow rates of steam injection into a heavy oil formation on SAGD well bores.    

Cyclic Control Device (CCD)  – A CCD is an inflow and outflow control device used in CSS well bores to control both

Melt Out Plug / Burst Disc Plug (MOP/BDP)  – MOP and BDP are used to isolate an FCD from wellbore fluids for the purpose of floating in liner or prior to production

Staging Diverter Pup

A Staging Diverter Pup (SDP) is a flow control device system that can manipulate the flow rates of multiphase fluids and gases using sliding sleeves and shifting tools. 

Gravel Pack Joint

A Gravel Pack Joint (GPJ) is a sand control device used in both offshore and inland oilfields. The GPJs will replace the procedure and uncertainty of pumping and placing a gravel pack within the wells annular. The GPJs contain the required ceramic bead (gravel pack) within the tool, eliminating gravel pack placement by pumping.