Field Services

Core Design’s Field Personnel are highly trained and experienced to run our tools and equipment on location.  These services can include tubular connection make ups and break outs, various down hole tool functioning, and surface equipment operations, such as cementing. These field services are available 24-hours per day when required.


Core Design conducts high-pressure / low volume pressure testing and low pressure / high volume flow testing on our various down hole tools and flow control devices.  We also perform torque testing up to 35,000 ft/lbs with computerized torque monitoring, as well as compressive testing up to 30 ton.

Bucking Services

Core Design offers bucking services to casing and tubing connections ranging from 2 3/8″ to 16″Ø and range 3 lengths. Our bucking unit offers continuous rotation and 35,000 ft. lbs of torque. Our bucking unit has capabilities of handling specialty tools and accessories with adjustable jaw placements from 17″ to 116″ and internal grip tooling for limited slip area applications. All connections can be monitored for quality assurance with our Wincatt torque/turn management system.

Gas Nitriding 

Core Design can supply gas nitriding for tubulars up to 8.50″ diameter and 20′ lengths. Core Design has the largest furnace for tubular gas nitriding in Canada.

Heat Treating

Core Design’s furnace can be utilized for various heat treatment processes including hardening, case hardening, annealing, normalizing, tempering, and post weld heat treat with a capacity of 8′ x 8′ x 16′ long.

Phosphating Services

Core Design phosphates with zinc or manganese that provides corrosion protection to various components, with a tank capacity of 4′ x 4′ x 8′ long.