Check Valve

A Check Valve (VAL) is a tool run in conjunction with work strings to stop fluids from entering the inside diameter of the string. The VAL is commonly installed when using release tools.

High Pressure Hydraulic Release Tool

The High Pressure Hydraulic Setting/Release Tool (HRT-HP) has the same release features as the Standard HRT.  The HRT-HP can also set the hanger’s seals and slips without the aid of a HSN.

Hydraulic Release Tool

A Hydraulic Release Tool (HRT) is a tool that relies on pins versus slips to secure and hydraulically release downhole assembly. The HRT can be functioned with compressive, neutral, or tensile loads.

Hydraulic Mill-Out & Retrieval Tool 

A Hydraulic Mill-out Retrievable Tool (HMR) is a tool manufactured to retrieve the high pressure HRH-HP.  It combines a milling operation along with the retrieving operation.

Hydraulic Setting Nose

A Hydraulic Setting Nose (HSN) is a tool that is run in conjunction with the HRT.  The HRT combined with the HSN can now set the hanger’s seals and slips before releasing it.

High Pressure Hydraulic Setting Nose

Hydraulic Shifting Tool

A Hydraulic Shifting Tool (HST) is a custom designed OTIS style shifting tool that works off hydraulics. Its design does not require machined profiles on tool sleeve to function a shift.

Mechanical Obtain Tool

The Mechanical Obtain Tool (MOT) is a device that can mechanically obtain and retrieve other tools, hangers, and bridge plugs from a well bore. Its attach mechanism works on pins versus slips.

Mechanical Obtain Tool for the Retrievable Bridge Plug

Mechanical Release Tool

The Mechanical Release Tool (MRT) is a device used to mechanically release downhole assemblies using rotation of the string from the rig floor.