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Cement Diverter Pup

There are many types of cementing practices used when cementing liners into horizontally or vertically drilled oil and gas wells.  Some of these cementing practices are used to cement new liners into new wells, while other practices are for repairing liners or cement bonds on existing wells.

Core Design’s Cement Diverter Pups (CDP) are intended for use when cementing new liners in newly drilled wellbores.  Specifically Monobore drilled wells.  A Monobore Drilled well is a well that drills the intermediate wellbore and long string wellbore at the same time.  Both the intermediate liner and the long string liner together makeup the Monobore Liner.  The monobore liner is place into the well simultaneously.  When cementing in the monobore liner, only the intermediate portion of the Monobore liner will require cementing, while the long string portion of the monobore liner will not require cement.  In order to achieve the diversion of the cement to travel through the upper portion of the monobore liner, a Cement Diverter Pup will be used.

There are two types of CDPs manufactured.  One is identified as a Debris Seal CDP and the other is identified as a Gas Seal CDP.  Typical Cement Top Plugs, Bottom plugs, and Float Collars are used in conjunction with the CDP’s when placing the slurry. Both types of CDPs divert the flow of cement slurry through the CDP port holes, from the inside of the monobore liner to the outside of the monobore liner. The slurry then occupies the annular space above the location of the CDP in the monobore liner, leaving the portion of the monobore liner below the CDP without cement.  The Cement Plugs used during the cement practice also function a sliding sleeve on the Gas Seal CDP.  After cementing and curing is complete, drilling out of Cement, Floats, Plugs, and the CDP Plug are all drilled out using typical cementing procedures.


  • Monobore drilled wells.
  • Horizontal or Vertically drilled wells.
  • When a Cement Slurry requires specific placement.


  • Debris or Gas Tight Seals.
  • Drillable Plugs after cementing.


  • Contains the same drift diameter and the matting casing string.
  • Same strength characteristics as matting liner.
  • Economical as no packers are required.

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