Mechanical Zone Packer

Mechanical Zone Packer

The Mechanical Zone Packer (MZP) is a custom designed packer to be set within damaged casing with a reduced inside diameter. Depending on the well application, there are often times where a debris seal is required to contain contaminants or to isolate specific well zones from other zones within a well. On collapsed or reduced ID casing, hydraulic set packers, swellable packers or debris cup packers cannot be installed or functioned.

The MZP will allow thermal movement while delivering seal and debris containment. The MZP is made with a steel body and uses different thermal elastomer compounds for the seal design. The ID and OD of the MZP are custom built to fit both the liner nominal size it is to be installed on, and the reduced casing size it will be installed through.   Multiple MZPs can be installed to create multiple zones. The MZP elastomer element will allow high pressure sealing in either direction, in multiple locations, and is compatible in both thermal and cold wells.

These tools are mechanically set through rotation, one MZP at a time. The deepest MZP in the well is set first. Various torque settings on shear pins will allow individual activation of each MZP. The MZP string can be removed from the well by releasing the MZPs through tensile load.


  • To be used in damaged or reduced ID casing
  • Cold and thermal wells (vertical or horizontal) requiring debris seals or zonal isolations.
  • Wells requiring these debris seals or zonal isolations packers to move with thermal expansion.
  • Wells that require the removal of these debris and zonal packers from the well bore.


  • Applies sealing within reduced ID or damaged casing
  • Elastomer materials tested to 650°F and 3,000 psi.


  • Allows thermal growth movement, while maintaining a seal.
  • Provide sealing in either direction.

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