Bull Nose Shoe

Bull Nose Shoe

Bull Nose Shoe (BNS) is a tool that is installed on the bottom of a tubular string.  The purpose is to close off the Casing or Tubing string from having access to the outer annular that it resides in.  It will eliminate any multi-phase fluid and gas influxes into the casing string.  The BNS allows the tubular string to contain pressure for injection and production purposes.  The BNS also acts as a guide when running tubular strings into a well.

Some standard BNS can be connected to the string using mating tubular threads or by welding directly to the tubular body.  Some will contain a mild steel, aluminum, or concrete end cap, which allow future drilling through the BNS to open flow.  Specific well conditions can react to materials differently, therefore various materials are available when manufacturing the end caps.  The end caps are attached using Left Hand Threads and Thread-Lock.  This will eliminate any threads backing off during a drill out procedure.

The bottom face of the BNS can be custom designed to add cutting faces, or Tungsten Carbide Cluster faces to the End Caps.  This will aid in advancing the casing string through tight areas of the well bore, or where sand infiltration has occurred.

Core Design can custom design and manufacture many types of Bull Noses required.  See “Circulating Bull Nose (CBN)” for other BNS types.


  • All vertical and horizontal wells.
  • Thermal and conventional wells.
  • Pressure testing.
  • Sand Control.


  • Drillable end caps
  • Protection against thread back-off during drill out.
  • Cutting faces to aid in casing installation.
  • Threaded or Weld-on connections.


  • Bottom casing seal.
  • Economical.
  • Custom designed BNS

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