High Pressure Hydraulic Release Tool

High Pressure Hydraulic Release Tool

Core Design manufactures a unique Hydraulic Release Tool (HRT) that differs from other release tools that grip the body of the tool it is releasing.  To get more information on the Standard HRT, refer to the Hydraulic Release Tool (HRT) Information and Specification sheets.

The Hydraulic Setting/Release Tool – HP is a release tool used to set and release a High Pressure Hydraulic Retrievable Hanger (HRH-HP).  It uses the same functions as the Standard HRT for releasing the HRH-HP, but also combines some setting features required to set the HRH-HP.

The HRT-HP relies on drive pins to connect the HRH-HP to the drill string used to install the liner. The HRT-HP drive blocks support all torsional loads required when installing, setting, and releasing the HRH-HP in the well.

When the HRH-HP is in position, a procedure to set the hanger is done first.  To set the hanger, a ball is dropped from surface and pumped to a seat, located in the setting piston.  Further pumping will increase the pressure to shear screws which hold the movement of the setting sleeve.  Continued pumping will shift the setting sleeve that intern, functions and sets the components of the hanger.

After confirmation that the hanger has been set successfully, the HRH-HP can be released from the drill string.  Continued increase in pumping pressure will shear a second set of screws, that will slide the piston down and remove the drive pins from the hanger.  Lifting the drill string will remove the HRT-HP from the set HRH-HP.    

The HRT-HP operates by using the drilling fluids and mud pumps on the rig. The unique design will delver high forces to set the elements and slips using minimal rig pump pressures.

The HRT-HP has an optional Hydraulic Setting Nose (HSN-HP) that can be installed to the bottom of the HRT-HP Body.  When the HSN-HP is installed, the operation of setting and releasing are now two separate operations, each requiring its own ball activation.  This 2-ball system eliminates the risk of having the hanger improperly set before it prematurely releases.


  • To set and release down hole tools hydraulically on vertical and horizontal wells.


  • Sets hydraulically
  • Releases hydraulically.
  • Produces higher torque values than inner/outer diameter grip type release tools.
  • Tool design allows no compressive or torsion loads to the pins.
  • Release position allows for pipe drainage.
  • Optional set and release in two separate operations.


  • Minimal rig pump pressure required to set and release the hanger.
  • Release position of the tool can be neutral or compressive.
  • Tool can be released with torsion loads applied.
  • Release of the tool can be monitor through pump pressure, flow rates, and string weight.

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