Retrievable Bridge Plug

Many drilling applications in the Oil & Gas industry may require sealing off of a well from the atmosphere, after drilling applications are completed.  Some of these applications are well abandonment, well cementing, well testing, zone isolation, or temporarily shutting in of a well for completion equipment servicing.  Depending on the application that a Bridge Plug is used for, will determine the type of Bridge Plug required, and the depth that the Bridge Plug will be set at.  In most cases, the Bridge Plugs will be set and or released using standard Tubing or Drill Pipe.

The Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP) is a compact tool which contains a Seal Assembly, Bi-directional Slips, a Ratchet Assembly, a By-pass Valve, and a Drag Block assembly.  The RBP can provide sealing capabilities up to 5,000 psi, and high temperature applications up to 650°F.  The Seals are set with Hydraulic Pressure using the Rig Pumps.  The Bi-directional slips are hydraulically set simultaneously with the seals.  The Bi-pass Valve is set in the closed position when being set, and is automatically opened during the retrieve/obtain process of the RBP.  The Drag Block assembly aids in the retrieve/obtain process of the RBP.  The outside dimensions of the RBP are that of casing drift, both in the running and retrieval processes, to allow ample space for fluid by-pass and tool drag.

To Set the RBP at the desired depth, apply Rig Pump pressure to set the slips and seals.  Right hand rotation will separate the running tool from the RBP.  To retrieve the RBP, attach to the RBP downhole, using the Mechanical Retrieve/Obtain Tool (MOT) and right hand rotation.  The By-pass valve will open prior to the seals and slips releasing.  Further rotation will disengage the seals and slips and return the RBP to its original drift diameter.


  • Vertical and Horizontal wells.
  • High Temperature and High Pressure wells.
  • Isolations and Work-overs (temporary)
  • Abandonments and Cementing (permanent)


  • Hardened and non-corrosive finish to Slip & Ratchet Components, and Mandrel.
  • Ratchet Ring assembly provides a Positive Memory to the Sealing Elements.
  • By-pass valve to equalize pressure prior to releasing and retrieving.
  • Can be Hydraulically Set and mechanically released.
  • Can be mechanically retrieved/obtained.
  • Retains drift diameters during movements inside the casing.


  • Can be set using Rig Pumps. No High Pressure Pumps are required to function the RBP.
  • Ease of Deployment and Retrieval of the RBP
  • Ratchet System provides a Positive continuous pressure to the Sealing Elements.
  • Highest temperature and pressure rated Thermal Seal Elements.